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Did you know that you can operate above the law of time and dictate when manifestation will come? Do you realize that God’s "grace knowledge" is designed to give hope and help you overcome obstacles in your life? In this revelatory teaching, Reaching the World: Manifesting His Glory, Dr. Winston reveals the freedom God has given you to gain knowledge at a level unlike any other.

If you want to use that knowledge to change circumstances in your life or convert whole cultures or environments, these teachings are for you. In this series, you will discover that:
·         Doing things God’s way restores you to a place of peace, and brings forth revelation for creative ideas that are fruitful and impactful in this earth.
·         When you are walking in the glory, angels are walking with you and doing your bidding.
·         Words create and are designed to release power.
As you meditate this teaching, you will be encouraged to exercise the power of the Word and demonstrate the full essence of God through the supernatural, miracle-working ability that has been freely given to you.

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Author Dr. Bill Winston
Release Year 2021
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