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We are living in unprecedented times and events that have occurred in irreversible succession from the past into the present and are prevalent today. In this first installment from the series, Reaching the World: Replenish and Subdue, Dr. Bill Winston helps you to see that now is the time to take heed and know the Church must arise and understand its vital role in establishing God's Kingdom in the earth.

In this teaching, you will discover:
*You are loaded with wisdom and supernatural solutions to solve problems at the root and yield righteous fruit to preserve humanity.
*Jesus never took time to attack the leaves; He always went to the root (spirit).
*What causes a person to become attracted to false gods.
*Boldness comes when you look at things and see them through God's eyes.

As you study this teaching, depend wholly on God to use you to be the branch that is attached to the True Vine, producing good fruit!

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Author Dr. Bill Winston
Release Year 2021
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