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Take It All Back - Volume 4 (CD)
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Take It All Back - Volume 4 (MP4)
In this final volume of Take It All Back, by Dr. Bill Winston, you will gain the understanding that we are spiritual beings living in an earth suit, and we can operate on the same level of faith as God. Elijah prayed that it would not rain, and as a result, it did not rain for three and a half years on the earth (James 5:17–19). Joshua spoke to the sun and to the moon to stand still and they both obeyed for almost a whole day (Joshua 10:12–13) Jesus Himself said, “But the Father who lives in me does the works.” We are here to take back the earth, our authority, and everything else the devil has stolen from us.

God’s Word is the most powerful thing in the universe. God gave us the authority to speak His Word to change laws, circumstances and situations. We read in Job 22 verse 28, “You will also decree a thing and it will be established.” In this series, Take It All Back – Volume 4 by Dr. Winston, you will learn the importance of returning to the foundations of faith—laying hands on the sick to see them recover, anointing people with oil to destroy yokes, casting out demons, raising the dead, and stripping the enemy of everything he has taken from us. We are here to fulfill the mandate of God by taking dominion over the earth and everything in it!"

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Author Dr. Bill Winston
Release Year 2024
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