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Living and operating in the fourth dimension requires training your human spirit to believe on another level. In the fourth dimension you will have to think like God, act like God, and command like God. Psalm 82:6 says, “Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.” In this new series, Training for Reigning in 4D by Dr. Bill Winston, you will discover that God is requiring His children to requisition heaven for the supplies and solutions needed to help a hurting humanity and bring them forth through the superior method of the spirit.

Living in the Fourth Dimension is a brand new concept for many. In simplest terms, the fourth dimension is living in the realm of the supernatural. Jesus lived in this fourth dimension and displayed it during His ministry with signs and wonders. God’s ability is at our disposal and it comes through our spirit testifying to our mind. Your spirit is so powerful that it is hard for your mind to even consider its unlimited power. To strengthen your spirit and bring forth all that you speak, you will have to control your mouth. Don’t confess anything you do not want to happen or to be brought forth. You must only speak the truth, which means agreeing with the Word of God. These are just two concepts that you will learn in Training for Reigning in 4D by Dr. Bill Winston.

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Author Dr. Bill Winston
Release Year 2024
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